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Madison, WI Fishing Report 10-15-2016

Fishing has been absolutely fantastic all around Madison this past week. The bite has been primarily game fish (walleye, muskies, pike, and bass), however panfish have been found in large schools anywhere from 15 to 25 feet of water. Water temperatures are finally into the 60 degree and below range which means the feed bags are being put on until ice up.

Chunky first ever Muskie caught on Lake Monona with a Flap Tail.

Naturally the muskie bite has been stellar with lots of fish still being caught on topwater lures, the hottest of which being those with less action and that can be retrieved slowly. Large profile spinnerbaits such as Ace Tandems and Double 10 cowgirl style spinnerbaits have been moving lots of fish, as well as rubber baits like Medussas and Bulldawgs. With the water temperature finally into the low 60 degree mark the sucker bite should start heating up in the next week. The majority of the fish are being moved over weeds or along deep weed edges with the most action in the morning and late afternoon.

Lake Monona walleye caught on a 1/2oz Echotail blade bait by Vibrations Tackle-TMAE guide Noah Humfeld

The evening walleye bite has been very productive over the last week with lots of nice fish being caught on all of the Madison lakes. The most productive methods for targeting these fall walleye has been vertical jigging with jigs tipped with fathead minnows, as well as with blade baits in 10 to 18 feet of water. Hard bottom, weed edges, and current are variables that these fall fish key in on in their pursuit of forage. Although the deep structure bite has been textbook, the shallow evening bite has also been productive with lots of fish being caught from shore in the Yahara River and on Lake Mendota and Waubesa casting shallow running crankbaits like Rapala Husky Jerks and Storm Thundersticks.

With after dark fishing action heating up, it is important to remember to boat safely. Always make sure your running and anchor lights are on after dark, and do not run wide open. Although most boaters follow the rules, there are those who do not so it is best to be vigilant and always keep a sharp eye out for others. Be safe, and tight lines!

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