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Fishing in Madison, WI is extremely versatile.  There are tons of spots around the various lakes that have great shore fishing access.  Not just pan fish shore fishing either, I'm talking monster muskie and northern pike, huge bass, big walleyes, and giant channel cats just to name a few.  Obviously if you have a boat these fish are also available, but the beauty of the city is in the quality and accessibility.

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Madison, WI Fishing Life


Madison Wisconsin offers some of the best multi species fishing I have ever experienced.  It is still very surreal to think that you could leave a downtown dinner, hop into your boat (5 min walk away) or fish from the dock, catch the fish of a lifetime, dock the boat, and then meet back up with friends to celebrate the catch all within less time than it takes to get a pizza delivered to your house.


June 1, 2018

Get Dad fishing gear that is both useful and something he wants! Happy Father's Day to all of the dads out there who love fishing!!

Fishing Journal 

Dad can either use the fishing journal for himself to document catches and help find fish patterns or he can use it to create memoirs for his kids to pass down as a keep sake for his young fishing partners!

Huk Fishing Shirt

Huk fishing shirts are super comfortable and are available in multiple colors and patterns.  Even on days when Dad can’t hit the water, they make great yard...

May 21, 2018

Anybody who fishes the Madison Chain knows that spring means giant Channel Catfish on Lake Mendota. They are big, fight like crazy, and typically easy to catch. You can catch them from a boat or from shore, day or night. That said these fish do at times get a little finiky, so here are the go-to's for baits and rigs for targeting these big old kitties.

 Hungry pre-spawn Madison Cat caught on a piece of Bluegill

The vast majority of the time we utilize cut bait presentations in the spring, especially in cooler water as they...

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May 30, 2018

Overall fishing on the Madison Chain has been outstanding the past few days! Despite the boat traffic and heat there is plenty of solid action from lots of different species. Here's the scoop on what has been working and what it has been working on!

 Hard to beat a day of chasing big bull gills in the shallows

The panfish bite on Lake Monona and Waubesa has been excellent with a mixed bag of everything from bluegills and pumpkinse...

May 12, 2018

Spring is officially here in Madison and with it, spring fishing! Although the bite hasn't been easy in some cases it certainly feels good to be chasing big fish again! Here is what has been going on here on the Madison Chain!

Lake Mendota

Water temperature is key this time of year. Find the warmest water, find the fish. Lake Mendota has been very dirty as result of an early cold-water algae bloom. Due to the dirty water, temps ha...

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