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Father's Day Gift Guide 2018

Get Dad fishing gear that is both useful and something he wants! Happy Father's Day to all of the dads out there who love fishing!!

Fishing Journal

Dad can either use the fishing journal for himself to document catches and help find fish patterns or he can use it to create memoirs for his kids to pass down as a keep sake for his young fishing partners!

Huk Fishing Shirt

Huk fishing shirts are super comfortable and are available in multiple colors and patterns. Even on days when Dad can’t hit the water, they make great yard work or sporting event shirts.

Scissor Hemostats

Scissor hemostats are super useful for either conventional fisherman or fly fisherman. They enable you to only carry one tool with you to satisfy all your line cutting and hook removing needs.

Boonie Hat

Dads that spend lots of time on the water probably want to keep doing so with their kids for many years to come! Cancer sucks, and a great way to increase your defense against it is to wear sun protecting clothing. Boonie hats can be vented to keep you cool, while also covering your ears and neck.


A fishing vest is a must in every dad’s fishing arsenal. They are the most convenient way to manage tackle on the fly when wading rivers for walleye or trout. Some prefer a sling pack, but vests are a staple and can be more stylish than the old standard olive or tan colors.

Retractable Lanyard

Retractable tool holder clips are great for on the boat or on your person. You can use them with just about any tool you own however hemostats, nippers, or pliers are usually the popular choices.

Husky Jerk

Husky Jerks are an incredible all-around fishing lure that just about any dad could always use. Whether you change up the size or color, they should be in every Dad’s tackle box.

Square Bill Crankbait

Shallow Square bill crankbaits are a great lure for bass fishing dads. They make excellent baits for fishing from shore or boat and come in multiple sizes and colors. They can also be fished all year round (in regions where there isn’t ice)

Tungsten Drop Shot Weights

Drop shotting is a technique that should be in every dad’s back pocket. And if you are fishing for giant smallmouth bass or largemouth bass, then you want a good quality tungsten weight. The sensitivity of tungsten is excellent, and it doesn’t pollute the water if the line gets broken.

Guided Fishing Trip

Check out out website to book a trip for Dad

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