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Rapala Shadow Rap Review

The Shadow Rap by Rapala has been the hot new bait in the Jerkbait genera of the lure world this year. With all this hype we had to get our hands on a few to check them out, and they did not disappoint. From the awesome color schemes to the bright flash and subtle action, the Shadow Rap deserves a spot in any angler's arsenal.

Shadow Rap Shad shown in "Moss Back Shiner"

The Shadow Rap is available in 4 models: Shadow Rap Shad, Shadow Rap, Shadow Rap Shad Deep, and Shadow Rap Deep. The Shadow Rap Shad (both regular and deep) feature a 3.5" body, while the Shadow Rap features a 4.4" body. Both lures come in ultra realistic color patterns, including both matte finishes and highly reflective, translucent finishes.

The real beauty of this lure is the action. Unlike most jerkbaits that continue moving forward after a jerk and pause, the Shadow Rap will actually cut a hard 90+ degrees to either side with a slight upward fade. This allows the lure to be fished essentially in one spot for an extended period of time. This is especially useful when sight fishing for stubborn gamefish. We have had great success with this lure casting for nighttime walleyes that just wouldn't commit to any other lures. Being able to work the bait right in the fish's face for an extended period of time was the key to getting even the most stubborn fish to eat.

Shadow Rap Deep shown in "Yellow Perch"

With a price point of $8.99, they aren't the cheapest option for a jerkbait, however they certainly provide performance worth the price. Not only do these lures function great as a jerkbait, they also troll well too. They have a much more subtle rolling type action than most other stick baits, making them a great option for clear water situations as well as for neutral and negative fish. Overall we found this lure to be very user friendly and absolutely deadly under the right conditions. With the holidays right around the corner, the Rapala Shadow Rap would make a great gift for any angler.

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