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Cabela's Pro Guide Spinning Reel Review

Although there seems to be a stigma against a chain's "brand name gear" the Cabela's Pro Guide spinning reel is actually a great product at a very competitive price. Built by Diawa and priced at a modest $50.00 (MSRP), this reel has a lot to offer both the avid and novice angler alike. Let's take a closer look at why this reel made it into the Madison Angling arsenal.

It seems nowadays that bearing count is important to most anglers. The common misconception with a high bearing count is that the reel will be more "smooth and efficient" while in reality it has everything to do with where the bearings are placed and what their function is. That said the Pro Guide features 9 bearings (8 in the 1000 size, 9 in the 4000 size) which is a LOT for a reel well under $100.00. Even after a full season of use these reels continue to function smooth and reliably.

This reel comes in 5 different sizes: 1000, 2000, 2500, 3000, 4000, providing a reel for almost any angling situation. The frame and side plates are made of graphite composite making the reel incredibly lightweight yet strong. We have used this model for ice fishing, drop shotting, casting for walleye, live bait rigging, slip bobbering, and deep water panfishing with great results.

Putting the Pro Guide to the ultimate test: Lake Mendota Smallies! Great fish, Luke!

The true beauty of this reel especially from a fishing guide standpoint is the lack of frills. This reel doesn't have 12 different features for functions that really don't help you catch any more or less fish. Instead you get a well built, smooth operating reel with a great disk drag system, reversible handle, great line capacity (works great with all types of line), solid anti-reverse, and a killer price point. Don't want to spent a lot on a reel that will last you a long time AND has a LIFETIME WARRANTY?! Look no further. You cannot beat the deal you are getting here at this price point. Sure, someone is going to say "but you can get a Pflueger President for $10.00 more". Yes, you can, however you don't get the no questions asked lifetime warranty.

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