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Madison Fishing Report 5-29-2017

With summer finally upon us in the Madison area fishing is in full swing. Here's a quick breakdown of what is going on where, and how to get bit!


Walleyes have been primarily active towards dusk and after dark on both lakes Mendota and Waubesa (not much going on out on Monona). Trolling shallow running crankbaits over weeds at 2mph in 3 to 11 feet of water has been the best pattern. Stick style baits such as Rapala Husky Jerks (size 10-12) and Storm Thundersticks have been the hot baits with perch and clear/blue being the hottest colors. Speeding up and slowing down have been key to patterning the fish. Making "S" turns as you are trolling helps to speed up and slow down baits, therefore helping to narrow down the desired speed on that given day. Casting these same baits as well as small soft plastic paddle tails/grubs with 1/4oz jig heads has also been producing fish after dark. Find the weeds, find the fish. If you want to get out on this hot night trolling bite give us a call at (608) 210-9350 to book your trip today! We do offer 2 hour evening trips for a discounted rate during prime time.


Bass are getting into their typical summer patterns on Waubesa and Monona with Largemouths bedding up in shallow water. Smallies have been a little more difficult, however many have been caught in deep water (12-18 feet) on jerkbaits and dropshots. Oddly enough many are being caught while trolling for walleye on Lake Mendota at night, most likely due to the lack of fishing and boating pressure after dark.

Bluegills and Crappies

Both Bluegills and Crappies are being caught shallow as they are preparing to spawn. Waubesa and Monona are especially active with lots of pre spawn fish hitting most anything you drop in front of them. Although this is an easy and fun bite, remember that it is important to let these fish reproduce so we can keep catching them in the future. If you can help it, only take the males so the females can lay their eggs.


Well, Muskies are being Muskies. Typically Muskie activity is slow up until the end of May. With water temperatures finally holding steady in the 60 degree range (and climbing) the Muskie activity should increase over the next week. Slow and small presentations such as single 8 bucktails, Flaptails, Figure 8 Spinnerbaits, and Rapala Husky Jerks are typically the most productive baits this time of year. In fact, maybe give a 4" Power Grub a shot! Check out this awesome story HERE featuring fellow guide Lee Tauchen of Today's Angler as he tells you about his latest Muskie catch on Lake Monona last week.

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