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Madison Angling Holiday Gift Guide 2016

It's that time of year again! With the holidays upon us here are our top suggestions for the angler in your life.

A quality pair of pliers at a great price. These pliers serve several functions including split ring removal, line cutting, hook removal, and crimping. They have proven highly durrable and would make a funtional gift for any angler.

MSRP $10.99 Subscription

Fishidy is the ultimate digital online fishing resource with which you can find local fishing reports, log your catches and spots with interactive lake maps, and connect with local anglers. Fishidy also makes a great tool for breaking down new and unfamliar water to find the most productive areas to fish. With a premium membership you gain access to thousands of bodies of water all across North America and super detailed topographical maps.

MSRP $50.00

Muskie Bumper 60" Bump Board

Bump boards are an essential tool in any muskie anglers arsenal. They are by far the easiest way to take an accurate measurement of your fish without hurting them by laying them on the bottom of the boat. Simply dunk your board in the water prior to laying your fish on it to prevent slime coat loss and you are good to go. With several bump boards on the market, the Muskie Bumper is by far the best out there. Durrable, accurate, and safe for the fish.

MSRP $79.99

Cabela's Guidewear 3500 Auto PFD

Safety on the water should always be the number one priority. With conventional life jackets being cumbersom and awkward to fish in, most anglers choose not to wear them. With the highly compact inflatable PFD's, you almost forget its even on. The Cabela's Guidewear 3500 Auto is easy to use, highly adjustable to fit different builds, features memory foam padding in the shoulders and back, and is easy and inexpensive to recharge after deployment. Available in yellow/black, red/black/ and black.

MSRP $119.99

Columbia Sportswear Freezer Zero Neck Gaitor

Sun protection is a seriously overlooked area for concern in fishing. Although a little sunburn here and there might not seem like a big deal, someday they could manifest themselves into something much more serious that could be prevented. Over the last few years lightweight neck gators have become extremely popular as a method for protecting the face and neck. The Columbia Freezer Zero is super light weight, moisture wicking, had built in UPF 50 protection, and very comfortable.

MSRP $14.98

Guided Fishing Trips in Madison, WI

With so much water here in the Madison area, what better way is there to learn it than by fishing with a guide? Want to chase muskies, pike, bass, walleye, panfish? Want to learn new techniques and how to break down water? If so, a guided trip is the ticket! Giving the gift of fishing is one that will continue to give for years to come. Below are our suggested Madison, WI fishing guides.

Robbie Jarnigo, Versatile Angling Guide Service

Jeff Hanson, Madison Muskie Guide Service

Lee Tauchen, Today's Angler Guide Service

Noah Humfeld-Dustin Murphy, The Madison Angling Experience Guide Service

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