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NEW! Fall Walleye Guided Trips From Shore!

Want to catch some fat fall walleye? Want to learn how to do it on your own from shore? We have just the thing! The Madison Angling Experience is now offering evening fall shore walleye fishing guided trips!

A Lake Mendota Walleye that fell for the "death pause"- Guide Noah Humfeld

Our trips are 3 hours long (or longer depending on the bite) during which time you will learn the most productive techniques for targeting fall walleye, how to locate them, as well as how to be efficient while fishing after dark.

Guide Robbie Jarnigo unhooking a Lake Monona Walleye

These special guided trips will be $80.00 which is good for up to 3 people (larger parties may be accommodated based on guide availability). We promote catch and release, especially of larger fish (over 20") to ensure that we can continue to chase these awesome fish.

Want to learn how to catch fish like this?!? Give us a shout! Email us at or call TMAE guide Noah Humfeld at (608) 210-9350. We require 24 hour notice. No deposit required for shore trips.

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