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Lee Lures Flap Tail Review

Fishing highly pressured waters such as the Madison Chain can prove difficult at times. This is especially true when chasing trophy muskies. Generally speaking, using a lure or presentation that is different than anything the fish have seen before can be the key to success when other presentations aren't producing as well. In this product review we will be looking at the Lee Lures Flap Tail. This bait has been producing LOTS of fish on the Madison Chain and given its design and lack of action has been severely overlooked by most anglers.

Beautiful 45" Madison, WI muskie caught in early September by guide Robbie Jarnigo of Versitile Angling Guide Service on a Lee Lures Flap Tail.

Traditionally a "Flap Tail" is a topwater lure that incorporates the use of a single spinner blade usually attached to the back end that flutters and clicks as it makes contact with the lure body. They are fished on a straight, slow retrieve and have almost no action which turns most anglers away. However, the lack of obvious action is the beauty of this lure. It is the ultimate finesse topwater muskie lure, and local guide Captain Lee Tauchen's version takes the cake.

The Lee Lures Custom Baits Flap Tail features a 5" hand shaped cedar body wearing a beefy 7/0 Mustad treble, as well as highly durable 0.051" wire hook spreaders and 3/0 Eagle Claw on each end. Of course it wouldn't be a Flap Tail without the flap blade fixed to the rear of the lure with a ball bearing swivel and steel retaining ring rimming the posterior end of the body to provide greater durability and some extra noise.

Upon first throwing this lure the lack of action seems almost alarming. Coming from the gurgle, pop, sputter and splash of most topwater lures, this thing acts almost dead in the water - that is the beauty of it. The key to working this lure correctly is to reel it on a straight retrieve JUST fast enough to hear the blade "click" against the back of the body. For most anglers, the retrieve is painfully slow, but the first time you have a fish wake on it you will be hooked (probably shortly after the fish is hooked as well).

With its unique rear hook spreader design it is almost impossible for a fish to hit this lure without getting a mouth full of hooks...and man, do they hit it. Every fish we have seen hit a Flap Tail has straight up murdered it. They don't chase it to the boat, they don't nip at it, they kill it. You know a lure is good when nearly all of your fish caught on it are almost a full cast's length from the boat and not on a sudden direction change as is typical for a number of other topwater presentations.

Lake Waubesa 47" caught on a Lee Lures Flap Tail in "Reverse Loon" by TMAE guide Noah Humfeld

The Lee Lures Flap Tail is currently available in 7 production colors on Lee's website and 5 custom colors available online at Team Rhino Outdoors.

With the fall topwater bite upon us, this lure has been and is continuing to prove absolutely deadly, and in our opinion deserves a spot in any serious muskie anglers arsenal.

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