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Madison Bass Club: Spring Fling Tournament

This past Saturday, April 23, was the 20th Annual Spring Fling tournament hosted at Lakeside Bar and Grill on Lake Wisconsin.

There were a total of 56 boats. 1-7th place was paid, and 8th place won a big pack of baits.

The weather was warm, sunny, and relatively calm for this time of year on Lake Wisconsin. With such a great turn out the weigh in was one of the biggest in recent history.

I was able to bounce around with my GoPro documenting the event at all stages. I was even able to get some footage of take off in my buddy Craig's new 22ft Sea Ark river boat.

Overall the it was a great event, and an awesome start to the 2016 fishing season. I look forward to this event every year, and the Madison Bass Club does an excellent job running this tournament and making it an enjoyable event for every angler.

If you want to read more about the Madison Bass Club or their annual Spring Fling bass tournament, you can visit their website.

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