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Vexan Crappie Rod Product Review

With so many brands, sizes, and actions of rods on the market it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Vexan fishing (by Tackle Industries) offers a line of technique specific Crappie rods at a competitive price. From the high density EVA grips to the well balanced blanks these rods are pretty sweet. Lets take a closer look.

It seems that with Crappie fishing less is more and more is more: a tight, compact package can be key to getting in tight spots while longer rods can help cast small presentations far and help sneak up on spooky fish. These rods are available in 8 models from 6'6" up to 16' and ranging from $39.95-59.95.

The high visibility green tips make it easy to see exactly where your line is when dipping jigs/minnows tight to structure, while at the same time really making the rod "pop" with color. The high density EVA grips are very comfortable and are very durable. One thing to note is the size of the reel seats. The reel seats are geared towards 1000 to 1500 size reels, as they are slightly more narrow than most reel seats. Although you can fit a 2000-2500 sized reel in them, they do not fit super snug.

The blanks are designed with the perfect action, providing a light tip action with plenty of backbone to horse big Crappies out of tight cover, while avoiding ripping hooks out of soft lips. Each rod is well balanced for their respective lengths providing all day comfort and fishability.

Overall our first impressions of the Vexan Crappie Rods was very positive. You can order directly from the Tackle Industries website at

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