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Last Fishing Report before the 2016 Opener

White Bass


We went out Saturday morning to the HWY 113 bridge to try again for some spring time catfish. We showed up for a few hours and were only able to entice a decent sized white bass into eating a night crawler on a catfish rod and rig. The weather was gloomy, and definitely did not help the quality of the bite.

Panfish continue to be seen in the channels and shallow bays, with Largemouth bass starting to really populate these warm water structure areas. The channels on Monona, and any shoreline structure should be heating up, and attracting fish.

Prior to the season getting underway, this week is a great time to make sure your equipment is in order. Specifically, your safety equipment is very important to not only remember to put in the boat, but also inspect it and make sure it is fully functional. Life jackets, new registrations, and first aid kits are a vital part of any boating adventure, and the last thing you want to worry about late Friday night is whether you are legal to be on the water. Get your regulatory equipment together now, so you can focus on the fish when the season commences.

Season Opener:

When the season starts, look for warm water, shallow bays, and any structure located in those shallow warm areas. The structure in warm water this time of year will usually be the spot on the spot. It is important when fishing in shallow water to consider your approach. The water is usually clearer this time of year, and fish will hear and see you coming if you are not actively thinking about your approach. Be slow, be methodical, and most of all start small. Forage fish are smaller this time of year, and smaller baits will match the hatch.

Good luck and tight lines!

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