"Hooked On Monona" 

Monona, Wisconsin's Local Fishing Radio Show

Hooked On Monona is a local fishing report based segment on 98.7 FM WVMO.  The fishing report airs two times per day at approximate air times due to the fluxuation of other programing. 

The fishing report airs at ~7:20am & ~5:20pm (there may be a 10-15min difference in air time at any given time)

I'm your guide, Dustin Murphy, and some of the topics I cover on air include:

  • Fishing action reports

  • Hot Lures

  • Colors that work

  • Species to target

  • Seasonal changes

  • Madison Lake Updates

  • Presentations

  • Depths and Structures

  • Water temperatures

  • Fishing Regulations

  • Other fishing related topics

WVMO Radio Station Info:
Roots & Americana Music


The City of Monona  worked to apply for and create a low-power FM radio station beginning in 2007. The city wanted to add another avenue for its residents and surrounding community members to voice their opinions, stories, interests, and concerns, while at the same time allowing the city an additional opportunity to communicate with the residents of Monona.


WVMO’s mission is to be a 24 hour voice of the Monona area community, including cultural and social issues. We provide broadcast space for creative expression and community involvement, and produce diverse programming representative of Monona and the East Side community. We aim to engage, educate, empower and entertain our listeners.

There are 4 ways to listen to Hooked On Monona:

  1. Live on the radio 98.7 FM WVMO (Monona, Madison, WI)

  2. Online at MyMonona.com

  3. Via the TuneIn Radio App on any computer or mobile device (WVMO - The Voice of Monona)

  4. Online Archive of Fishing reports available for streaming below

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